The Incredible Edible Movement

The Incredible Edible Todmorden project is an urban gardening project started in 2008 by Pamela Warhurst, Mary Clear and a group of like minded people in Todmorden. The project brings people together through growing edible plants often in public places and offering the food to anyone who passes. The local school children even grow vegetables in the neighbouring graveyard. Today, edible plants can be found all around Todmorden, even in front of the police station!

The aims of the movement are to:

To promote and develop a culture and opportunities for growing food, cooking and sourcing local products.

To develop new links and partners concerned with the future of food and growing.

To develop whole community skills in growing and cooking local produce

Since its conception, the Incredible Edible ethos has been taken up by communities all over the world where local people are coming together in their own time to turn unloved pieces of land into community gardens growing food to share, and there are countless places following the lead of Yorkshire’s Todmorden.

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They started out by getting hold of a lot of plant pots that were being thrown out and encouraging people to grow small things. They also started planting in public places and offering free food. At first, they had trouble getting people to help themselves, but people got the hang of it eventually.

The Incredible Edible story is a never ending one and it’s fantastic that Ulverston is now part of the plot.